There is always something happening at CARE. We plan and host programs to help benefit the seniors in our community.

Free Fresh Produce for Benton County Residents of All Ages

Once per month, in August, September, & October CARE purchases fresh fruits and vegetables from Second Harvest Heartland and pays for delivery to the CARE office where it is distributed with the help of Duelm Lions Club members who have taken this on as a service project. Distribution takes place on the second Monday of the months of August, September, and October at 11:00 am in the parking lot at the CARE office.

Participants are not required to pre-register, but must be willing to sign in and provide the number of individuals per household. CARE office staff is not notified in advance of the day what types of fruits and vegetables will be delivered.

CARE volunteers are available to help with carrying bags or boxes of produce to your car, and senior residents may call our office in advance to schedule in-home delivery with one of our volunteers on that same day.

Catholic Charities Free Frozen Meals for Seniors:

This CARE partnership with Catholic Charities provides free frozen meals to seniors ages 60 and older. These complete meals come in packages of 10 meals and include entrees such as chicken, fish, pork, and pasta. Seniors must register in advance, and may do so quickly and easily by calling the CARE office. Distribution takes place on the second Monday of every month at 11:00 am at the CARE office. When calling to register, seniors may also request to schedule in-home delivery by one of our volunteers.

United States Department of Agriculture Nutrition Assistance Program for Seniors (NAPS)

CARE is proud to be the Benton County distribution site for NAPS. This program is based on household size and income and is for seniors ages 60 and older who qualify. The required, quick and easy one-time registration process may be completed by calling the CARE office and providing the senior’s full name, date of birth, and gross monthly income. Once registered, there is no waiting period. Distribution takes place on the second Monday of every month from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at the CARE office, located at 321 6th Avenue in Foley. Seniors may call our office in advance to schedule in-home delivery with one of our volunteers on that same day.

Each 30-35 pound box of food may contain:

  • Canned fruits packed in juice or light syrup
  • Canned vegetables with low sodium
  • Bottled 100% juice
  • Nonfat dry and shelf stable low fat milk
  • Low fat American cheese
  • Canned meat (such as chicken, beef stew, chili, or tuna)
  • Peanut butter or dry beans
  • Cereal & rice or pasta

The USDA reports that there is an abundance of food available, so spread the word; who do you know that would benefit from this program?

Art Classes

This free class for seniors is held on the second Monday of every month from 1:00 – 3:00 pm at The ROC (next door to the Foley American Legion in downtown Foley).

Our Instructor Paige LaDue Henry, a local mixed media artist, uses a lighthearted approach to creating art. Paige’s driving art philosophies are twofold, “Perfection is overrated”, and, “Always be on the lookout for happy accidents!”

Absolutely no experience is necessary, and CARE will provide all supplies at no cost to participants. The supplies used are non-toxic, but we recommend caution for those with specific allergies or sensitivities. Paige recommends you bring a paint shirt to protect your clothing.

We invite you to come and explore your hidden talents! Space is limited, so be sure to call CARE to reserve your spot! 320-968-7848

Senior YOGA Classes

Physical Fitness Program

Fun & Fitness for Seniors is a free program offered every Tuesday and Thursday at 1:30 pm in the community room at the Dewey Place Apartments (on the corner of Dewey Street and Broadway Avenue in downtown Foley).

Studies have proven that movement increases mobility, flexibility, and balance, improves sleep and mood, and boosts self-confidence; and social contact with others increases wellbeing, improves cognition, boosts creativity, and lowers stress.

The exercises can be done either sitting or standing and the focus is on gentle movement, at your personal pace. All necessary equipment is provided by CARE. Participants who attend all month will receive a $5 Coborn’s gift card! Need a ride? Call the CARE office and schedule with one of our volunteers at 320-968-7848

Senior Social Events

Hosted by CARE on the third Wednesday of each month at the First Presbyterian Church, 306 Norway Drive, Foley, MN 56329. Starting at 11:00 am, this free event offers seniors lunch, live entertainment and bingo

For more information, or to schedule a visit, please call CARE and ask to speak with Connie.

Paige LaDueHenry

I’m thinking all you folks at CARE need to give yourselves a great big… ATTA-People!!! atta-girls, atta-boys… You’re all doing so much good in the world. Bright Blessings!

Violet Moeller

Thank you to everyone who helps to keep CARE going for us seniors.

Evelyn Scheper

Until you know you can’t do things for yourself you don’t appreciate all the thing you girls do. All you are super people.

Carol Pou

Thank you so much for getting a driver for me. I would have been lost without your aid.

Carol Brunn

When I started volunteering for seniors my goals was to help seniors stay in their homes as long as they wanted to & were able to do so. I thought if we could help them with a few services they no longer could perform they could stay at home & be healthier & happier! I soon found out I was getting more than I was giving. When I visit & talk with seniors they are always thankful for the services I do for them & are appreciative of me just listening & talking to them. They teach me compassion, acceptance & love for others. Seeing Christ’s love in their eyes makes my life much fuller. I go away with a lighter heart & a love for them I can’t describe!

Arlene DeZeller

Why do I volunteer? It seems like such as easy question until you have to put it into words. Sometimes there are no words to describe the sense of fulfillment you get when you realize you have just helped someone or just given them the feeling they matter. It’s a great feeling to help put a smile on someone’s face, that maybe hasn’t had anything to smile about for a while. Also I’m not getting any younger; I hope there will be someone there to do the same for me. Volunteering is a great way to energize your spirit!

Sharon Kipka

Thank you for your wonderful work at the Pork Chop Dinner. It was a marvelous way to bring our community together to support the continued dignity of the elderly. Good food, good company, and good cause. Thank you for making a positive difference.

CARE Client

I appreciate rides to appointments. If my kids can’t take me to the doctor or to St. Cloud, volunteer drivers are always available.

CARE Volunteer

It’s heartwarming to give back to the people who gave so much. We ought to give back for all that people have done. Volunteering is one way to do it without costing an arm and a leg.

CARE Volunteer

A benefit of volunteering is the satisfaction that you’ve helped someone. It makes me feel good that I’m able to do that.

CARE Volunteer

CARE Fun & Fitness is fun! What better way to spend a half-hour!

CARE Fun & Fitness

I joined the exercise group because I was feeling sluggish and wasn’t getting anywhere. It has enlightened my life drastically. There are wonderful ladies, some I knew, some I befriended. We even take our instructor out to eat with us!

CARE Client

I’m more social and active because if volunteers didn’t care about me I wouldn’t get anywhere.

CARE Volunteer

More people need to get involved. If you can’t be a driver, get involved with other fundraisers or activities. It takes all kinds of people.

CARE Fun & Fitness

I feel a lot different. I have more energy and I’m not so sore or stiff. It even did my head good, I think!

CARE Fun & Fitness

I can’t do exercise any other place or at home, so I like it in the community room. It’s more fun in a group.

Jen Lamont, Outreach Specialist, Tri-CAP

My experience partnering with CARE has been a positive one. CARE was easy to work with and helpful while working together to reach the energy assistance needs of mutual clients. I look forward to continuing the partnership in reaching those who could use our assistance.

Dennis Clark

I just want to thank CARE and Catholic Charities for offering the living with chronic pain seminar. It really helped me in two days. First, it gave me an understanding of how to live with chronic pain, and secondly, it showed me that I am really lucky compared to others in the seminar. Thank you for working together to help our community.