Food DistributionThere is always something happening at CARE. We plan and host programs to help benefit the seniors in our community.

Fresh Produce Distribution

The CARE program works in collaboration with Second Harvest Heartland and local farmers to provide free fresh produce and baked goods from July thru October. Food distribution is held on the 2nd Monday of each month at the CARE office from 11:00 am – 1:00 pm. Free fresh produce is available for participants of all ages with no preregistration or income guidelines.

To volunteer for fresh produce distribution call 320-968-7848


CARE is the Benton County distribution site for this USDA program, which is funded by citizen tax dollars; seniors have been funding this program all their lives with their hard work, now it is their turn to receive the benefits it provides.

This program gives one free box of food to each qualified senior on the second Monday of every month throughout the year. Seniors can pick up their box between 11am and 1pm, or request delivery in advance.

To register a senior for this program, please call the CARE office at 320-968-7848

NAPS COVD-19 response: this program will continue, with some changes in the way the food is distributed, in order to keep both volunteers and seniors safe:

  1. The CARE front office door will be locked.
  2. Clients will enter the building through the service delivery door on the south side, facing the parking lot.
  3. Clients must wear a mask and remain six feet away from staff and other clients who are here to pick up their box of food.
  4. Cheese will be picked up at the front table; please give the CARE volunteer your name, and they will sign you in.
  5. There will be no handling of cards or chips by clients or volunteers.
  6. Clients will then drive to the garage door next to the front of the CARE office, and open whichever door of your vehicle you wish the box of food to be placed into. Please remain in your vehicle while the volunteer places your box of food in the compartment you have chosen.

Art Classes – cancelled due to COVID

Come join the fun and spend the afternoon with friends. Participants will complete a project while learning basic tools and techniques of art. The experience will change the way you view the world around you. The class is free but limited. Contact CARE at 320-968-7848 to reserve your space.

Fun & Fitness for Seniors – cancelled due to COVID

Physical Fitness Program

Movement can help increase mobility, flexibility, balance, improve sleep and mood, and boost self-confidence. Social contact with others increases well-being, improves cognition, boosts creativity, and also lowers stress. So come join CARE every Tuesday & Thursday from 1:30 – 2:30 pm at Dewey Place Apartments. All Seniors are welcome, just call 320-968-7848

Dementia Education – cancelled due to COVID

Join CARE for a journey that will help give you some understanding of the aging process, some “why” behind what dementia brings to the table, and some Caregiver clarity that will sustain even the most burnout Caregivers.

PEARLS Program

Are you experiencing low moods or depression? Are you feeling isolated due to COVID-19? Free assistance is available for you!

CARE works in partnership with Jewish Family Services of St. Paul to offer the
Program to Encourage Active and Rewarding Lives (PEARLS) to rural seniors of all faiths. This program is a free, short-term counseling/life coaching evidenced-based protocol specifically designed for older adults dealing with low mood or depression. The PEARLS program was researched and developed at the University of Washington in Seattle where research discovered that ‘behavioral activation’ may be as effective as ‘cognitive behavioral therapy’ in treating depression.

Here are a few statements from seniors who have participated in the program:
“I had no idea what was to take place, so it was a surprise. I shared my bucket list and goals. Not knowing what was really going to take place, I am so grateful [the PEARLS coordinator] was put in my life.”
“I know that I’ve been very depressed for a long time, and I didn’t think anyone could help me. I was very wrong. The good Lord sent me [the PEARLS counselor] and put me in touch with [a therapist].”
“The depression test [the PEARLS Counselor] had me do, dropped from “10” to “2”. I am so much better. I don’t know how she did it”

PEARLS counselors will meet with adults 55 and older in their homes for a one-time assessment, and qualified candidates will be loaned an easy to use iPad to be used for sessions with a counselor. If you are a senior 55 or older, or caretaker to a senior 55 or older experiencing low mood or depression, please call CARE at 320-968-7848 and ask for Connie. You will receive additional information and be able to set up an appointment for enrollment. Please know you are not alone, help is only a phone call away.

Carol Brunn

When I started volunteering for seniors my goals was to help seniors stay in their homes as long as they wanted to & were able to do so. I thought if we could help them with a few services they no longer could perform they could stay at home & be healthier & happier! I soon found out I was getting more than I was giving. When I visit & talk with seniors they are always thankful for the services I do for them & are appreciative of me just listening & talking to them. They teach me compassion, acceptance & love for others. Seeing Christ’s love in their eyes makes my life much fuller. I go away with a lighter heart & a love for them I can’t describe!

Dennis Clark

I just want to thank CARE and Catholic Charities for offering the living with chronic pain seminar. It really helped me in two days. First, it gave me an understanding of how to live with chronic pain, and secondly, it showed me that I am really lucky compared to others in the seminar. Thank you for working together to help our community.

Evelyn Scheper

Until you know you can’t do things for yourself you don’t appreciate all the thing you girls do. All you are super people.

Dewey Place Fitness

I joined the exercise group because I was feeling sluggish and wasn’t getting anywhere. It has enlightened my life drastically. There are wonderful ladies, some I knew, some I befriended. We even take our instructor out to eat with us!

Dewey Place Fitness

I can’t do exercise any other place or at home, so I like it in the community room. It’s more fun in a group.

Violet Moeller

Thank you to everyone who helps to keep CARE going for us seniors.

CARE Volunteer

Dewey Place Fitness is fun! What better way to spend a half hour!

Jen Lamont, Outreach Specialist, Tri-CAP

My experience partnering with CARE has been a positive one. CARE was easy to work with and helpful while working together to reach the energy assistance needs of mutual clients. I look forward to continuing the partnership in reaching those who could use our assistance.

Arlene DeZeller

Why do I volunteer? It seems like such as easy question until you have to put it into words. Sometimes there are no words to describe the sense of fulfillment you get when you realize you have just helped someone or just given them the feeling they matter. It’s a great feeling to help put a smile on someone’s face, that maybe hasn’t had anything to smile about for a while. Also I’m not getting any younger; I hope there will be someone there to do the same for me. Volunteering is a great way to energize your spirit!

Carol Pou

Thank you so much for getting a driver for me. I would have been lost without your aid.

Sharon Kipka

Thank you for your wonderful work at the Pork Chop Dinner. It was a marvelous way to bring our community together to support the continued dignity of the elderly. Good food, good company, and good cause. Thank you for making a positive difference.

CARE Volunteer

A benefit of volunteering is the satisfaction that you’ve helped someone. It makes me feel good that I’m able to do that.

Paige LaDueHenry

I’m thinking all you folks at CARE need to give yourselves a great big… ATTA-People!!! atta-girls, atta-boys… You’re all doing so much good in the world. Bright Blessings!

CARE Client

I’m more social and active because if volunteers didn’t care about me I wouldn’t get anywhere.

CARE Volunteer

It’s heartwarming to give back to the people who gave so much. We ought to give back for all that people have done. Volunteering is one way to do it without costing an arm and a leg.

CARE Client

I appreciate rides to appointments. If my kids can’t take me to the doctor or to St. Cloud, volunteer drivers are always available.

Butch & Carol Bukowski

Dear Members of CARE Program,

We were so impressed with everything you do for the seniors of the area. Also with all the volunteers. We enjoyed the luncheon for much delicious.

CARE Client

We wouldn’t have a CARE program if we didn’t have volunteers. We need funding, but we also need volunteers. There’s a whole bunch of caring people out there.

CARE Volunteer

More people need to get involved. If you can’t be a driver, get involved with other fundraisers or activities. It takes all kinds of people.

Dewey Place

I feel a lot different. I have more energy and I’m not so sore or stiff. It even did my head good, I think!